When it comes to our jewelry and gifts,
it’s the stories behind them that
inspire us to do our very best.
how we got started

Kimbra Orr founded My Life Designs in 1999, today known as Kimbra & Company. Kimbra started the business after seeing a locket that she loved, but questioned why photos always have to be hidden inside a locket. She felt that stories and memories should not only be shared, but shown off. Kimbra began designing charms and a process to seal the photos. Along with offering the best quality product, Kimbra enjoys focusing on her passion for design.

Kimbra & Company prides itself on offering a work environment for the Kimbra team allowing them to keep family a top priority. Each piece is handcrafted with love in our Colorado Studio. For more information about Kimbra and Company contact us at hello@kimbra.co

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